Víking brewery, from Akureyri, has now opened it‘s craft brewery in Ægisgarður and we would like to invite you to come and visit our new brewery. Our guests will be lead into the whole truth behind what it takes to make a beer, how to taste it, given a short history of beer in Iceland and finally of course to taste our beers, which tends to be the most fun thing about such a visit.

We promise beer lovers everywhere a unique experience and you never know, we might even taste a beer or two that are not available for the regular consumer.

Price per person 3.900 kr.


The Viking Games are an event for all true beer enthusiasts who thirst for a fun experience as well as increased knowledge of beer, it‘s history and tradition. Our hosts go through the main steps on how to taste beer, beer‘s history in Iceland from the settlement to present day and finally the group partakes in games set up around tasting beers and putting the knowledge you‘ve learned to the test. We plan to drink, taste and play in the true Viking spirit! DRINK AND BE MERRY!

You can book your Viking Games with delicious food from Veislan caterers.

Price per person 6.990 kr. / 10.490 kr. with food

Minimum 15 people

Ægisgarður is a multi purpose assembly hall for all kinds of gatherings. We can entertain groups of up to 200 people at a time, whether it be private parties, corporate functions or just what ever tickles your fancy.

We have a state of the art sound system, projector and screen on premises. Don‘t hesitate to contact us and we‘ll help you put together an evening that will stay with you for years to come. | 552 7872

Further information here

The head giver of beer
An unusually bitter host with a tarp and long aftertaste. Despite of that he‘s velvety in the mouth and exceptionally easy to drink. Fair and full of froth.
A giver of beer
An exceptionally well balanced host. Only carefully selected ingredients have been put into this lad. Sweet and fair, but tends to lose his head and become quite flat if you leave him out too long. Pairs excellently with birds and chicks of all sorts.
A giver of beer
Filled with ridiculously good ingredients, this amber individual is without a doubt well put together. Froths quite well and fills you up nicely. Be careful though, cause the froth can easily overflow if you give him too much attention.
A giver of Wine and Whiskey
This bold host has a lot of fill and flavour. Being a blend of everything we have to offer, you‘ll find a hint of leather and tobacco in the complex palate. He‘s irresistable to drink and enjoy and leaves a long hard aftertaste.
A giver of coffee
Powerful and slightly roasted, specifically during summer. This nice robust blend gives a thick and sweet aftertaste. He‘s always cheerful and well balanced, and mixes well with any crowd and ingredient.

Ægisgarður is a multi purpose house, located at Eyjarslóð 5, right by the sea at Grandi. The name derives from the Norse sea king Ægir, who wasn‘t only the ruthless ruler of the waves, but a master brewer. He brewed the mead that the Norse gods drank, which harmonises well with Ægisgarður. Not only is it the home of Víking brewery in Southern Iceland, it also is a micro brewery aimed at brewing new and interesting beers for the Icelandic market. People are invited to come and learn about our brewing methods and taste our beer, in special brewery visits. Ægisgarður is also the home of many Games, inteded to introduce all kinds of drinks to our patrons; beer, wine, whiskey and coffee. The house can also be rented out and all neccesary information can be found here. Ægisgarður is the perfect place for you and your group, to come and enjoy an evening out with our fantastic hosts.

Drink with the gods!